2020 New Year Goals: My Husband and I’s Tradition That Helps Keep Us On Track.

As 2019 comes to an end, and we prepare to bring in a new year I like to reflect on what I accomplished during those 365 days as well as think ahead of what I would like to strive for in the coming year. It’s easy to say what you want to do, whether it’s to save more money, travel more or try to live a healthier lifestyle, the trouble comes in actually getting it done. For many years now, I would take a few moments from the end of the year chaos to really analyze my life and what I would like to improve on.

I always like to create a goal list for myself, whether its one or many goals I always felt like writing it down makes it official. Regardless of how big or small the goal may be once I see it on paper it gives me a sense of a “To-do list” ,and as the Taurus that I am, I have to get it done.

It took some trial and errors to see what really helped me through out the year to accomplish my goal list, for example writing it down in a planner was a HUGE fail for me. The planner was good for keeping track of steps towards accomplishing my goal but the moment I derailed from my planner I also derailed from my goals list. I figured out that I needed to have my goals listed out in front of me to view everyday, so I can wake up and get shit done.

I didn’t want to hang up a random piece of notebook paper with a list on it, so I bought myself a letter board. It was the perfect way to display my goals in a pretty decorative way yet being functional. As the year progressed and I accomplished my goals I would check it off the list and its one of the most rewarding and motivating feelings.

Once I got married I carried over this personal tradition to include my husband. We sit down and write out what our goals are for ourselves, I like to think that whatever his goals are I make them my own personal goals too. Our marriage works best with the mindset of “Team Work”, so if he wants to get into shape, WE will get into shape- if he wants to start a business, then WE’RE starting a business. I’ve noticed that with this mentality we stick to our new year goals and are more likely to accomplish them by keeping each other accountable. I want to see him succeed as much as he wants to see me succeed because we’re a team and when one of us slacks off it affects the both of us.

Quick Tip: Hang your letter board in your bedroom or somewhere you will see it everyday, this will help keep your goals in the front of your mind.

One key factor in accomplishing your new year goals is being realistic. Although alot can be accomplished in one year, breaking down your goals into steps will help you follow through with what you set your goal as and will prevent any discouragement.

For example: Do you want to save more money in the new year, like around $2,000.00 for whatever reason. Then instead of making your goal for the year “Save $2,000.00”, give yourself steps like “save $200.00 a month”, which will give you the same end of the year results but will help you visualize progress every month of the year. Ultimately it will then keep you motivated and on track the whole year instead for the first few months.

Time to get personal!

Here’s a break down of what my husband and I are striving for in 2020.

  • Happy Healthy Baby Girl – Salome is due February and we can not wait to meet her!
  • Save $$$ for a business project- We have a set amount that we are aiming for but I rather not disclose that. BUT WE’RE MAKING MOVES!
  • Get Fit- Once I pop this baby out its back to fit Maittita lol. Eduardo and I will be focusing on living a healthier more active lifestyle.

I can’t wait for what the new year will bring, but I know no matter what life throws our way as long as we have each other and our baby girl we can do anything.

What are your New Year’s goals? Let me know below!

Happy New Year’s!

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