Breast Feeding/Breast Pumping Skin Care: Post Partum Dehydrated and Dry Skin Care Solutions.

Skin care before my baby girl was born was much different then it is now that she’s here. I can no longer spend 20 minutes doing my skin care routine or enjoy a long hot shower, but I’ve found ways to help maintain my once luscious “pregnancy glow” regardless of my new skin issues from breast pumping.

After having Salome I immediately realized that breast feeding was not going to be our route, which I was okay with and took to exclusively breast pumping. Although I loved the fact that I was giving baby girl the best nutrients from my breast milk, I quickly noticed the effects of pumping day and night was having on my skin. I have been an oily person all my life, so when my skin became dry and rough I was completely caught off guard. I didn’t know how to deal with this new skin change, pumping was literally sucking the nutrients and life out of my skin!

However, I wasn’t going to quit breast pumping just because my skin was looking lack luster. After some trial and error, I figured out 5 simple ways to keep my skin hydrated and healthy despite the change in texture from breast pumping.


The most effective action you can take right away and see immediate results is drinking water. I’m not talking about a few gulps or drinking a full glass, I’m saying get yourself a reusable gallon water bottle and never let it leave your side. Breast milk is made up of mostly water, and obviously that water is coming from you, which is why during breast feeding/pumping your so thirsty. In order to avoid dehydration in your skin, as well as to keep a good milk supply, drink plenty of water. I was constantly hydrating myself through out the day, not just when I pumped. I found myself easily drinking a gallon of water a day and half a gallon at night, which was made even easier with the water gallon bottle I purchased from amazon. I promise you it will be nothing like when you were pregnant and basically living on the toilet lol.

Hydrating Gel Moisturizer/lotion

I’ve mentioned this moisturizer before as one of my pregnancy skin care favorites, but did you know that it also comes in the form of body lotion? The body lotion is just as amazing as the facial moisturizer, hydrating and refreshing without leaving you greasy or sticky. I’ve been using the body lotion consistently and have also noticed the stretch marks on my tummy and side longa have faded. I can not say 100% that it was the body lotion, but I haven’t used anything else on my body, so I’ll give it the credit.


If your doctor hasn’t already suggested it then listen up, DO NOT STOP TAKING YOUR PRENATALS! Taking your Prenatal Vitamins while breast feeding/pumping is great for you and baby. Like I mentioned above, producing breast milk is (literally) draining you of water and nutrients. By taking your vitamins you replenish your body with what it needs, but most importantly your giving your baby the nutrients their growing body and mind needs as well. It’s a win-win for both momma and baby.

An additional vitamin you should consider taking is a Hair, Skin and Nail supplement. I’ve been taking this vitamin for 2 months now and it has made such a difference! My nails are just as strong and long as they were during my pregnancy and my skin isn’t breaking out like it used too, of course with the help of lots of water as well. Post Partum hair loss hasn’t struck me yet but I’ll keep everyone posted if it helps with that as well.


When your skin is looking like a desert, dry and rough, you need something that will penetrate deep. Serums are the way to go for deep down moisture, especially Hyaluronic acid. The first post I ever made included the Tree of Life Serums and to this day is my go to, it works and is a great price.


Exfoliating your dry rough skin is a must! I used to use the St. Ives apricot scrub but found that it would leave my skin feeling even drier than before. After using other exfoliates and still unhappy with the results, I mentioned my frustrations to my sister Decire. Decire is an Oily Queen, she swears by young living oils and has an oil remedy for everything. As the Oily Queen that she is, she whipped up one of the BEST exfoliating sugar scrubs I’ve ever tried. I don’t know exactly what she puts into it but it leaves my skin absolutely supple and smooth. I’m convinced the world needs this scrub so I’ve been trying to convince her to sell it. Follow her blog and Instagram so you too can harass her about selling this amazing sugar scrub.

Every bodies skin is different, but these 5 things have really helped me replenish my dehydrated skin and it looks back to normal. I’m not a skin care expert by any means however I hope my routine may help someone who is struggle like I was.

All you breast feeding/pumping momma’s out there, I want to say that I am sooooo proud of you. I feel as though breast feeding/pumping is hyped up to be this magical way to connect with your baby, and although it is the best way to connect, it’s definitely not magical. Breast feeding/pumping is hard work! It’s sore nipples, constantly being thirsty, late night and early morning feedings and much more, but its worth it to see your little one happy and healthy.

Mom’s what do you do to keep your skin looking right? I’d love to know, comment below!

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